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Some news!

"Polk was honored 'for her unparalleled dedication and commitment to teaching and community building.'"

"During one class when I saw that my internet connection was unstable for a moment, I confessed...that my biggest fear was having my face freeze with my mouth wide open like a tortured animal,” said Polk, an advanced instructor in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, one of Stanford’s signature programs for undergraduate students.”

Transformation Talks webinar

Emily Polk was a guest speaker on the International Science Council's ‘Transforming Science Communication for Transformations to Sustainability’ global webinar. Speakers discussed how we can communicate  transdisciplinary research in an inclusive and ethical way, and how today’s communication tools can be used to foreground voices that are frequently marginalized in climate change debates.

Where were you at 22 podcast

"Following her college graduation, Emily Polk set off at age 22 to walk around the world. She began her journey in Ireland with minimal supplies including a two person tent, her harmonica, and a hunger to learn about unique perspectives from across the globe. Her love for storytelling, environmental justice, and journalism inspired her as she moved through many different countries, jobs, and eventually to Stanford." -The Stanford Social Project

Short story receives award

Owl Canyon Press selected Emily Polk's short story "How We Watch What is Burning" for third place out of 1300 entries in its annual short story hackathon.

Excellence in Teaching award

The School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences at Stanford presented Emily Polk its excellence in teaching award at 2019 commencement.

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (VPUE) spotlight

"The practice and process of writing is not only a solitary act. We are made better every time we share our words with each other, every time we are courageous enough to listen to one another, to help each other say the things we need and want to say..."

Stanford News features new environmental justice class

New Stanford undergraduate class brings marginalized voices to the forefront of environmental science.

Rhetorically Speaking podcast

In this interview Emily Polk and Lauren Oakes talk about their books, their writing, and what inspires climate change action.

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